Airport Security Scanner

Many companies use security scanners to provide us a safe travel, especially at airports may use different kind of airport security scanner equipments. Airport security scanners are used to detect carry-on items and for stuffs in bags that are forbidden. You have to place your items especially metal items, in security scanner machine. And you should not let children pass through airport security scanners, because the X-Ray that security scanners have might be harmful for them.

X-Ray Machine

Physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (1845-1923) the person who discovered X-rays detection system, was a Professor at Wuerzburg University in Germany. He made a major scientific improvement for all medicine, security methods etc. because his invention able to making the invisible visible. The discovery of X-Rays happened accidently in Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen's lab in Wurzburg Germany. He did not know the source of the rays that caused this glow, that was the reason why he called them as X-Rays. And also he did not know the system of x-ray detection.

X-Ray Machines

An X-Ray machine has high level X-ray lights in it. They help safety officers to detect dangerous items. The aim of X-Ray machines are detecting weapons, drugs and also those machines are used in hospitals to help doctors to detect the threat inside a body. However, as we have mentioned above an X-Ray machine works with intense level of X-ray lights, so those machines spread radiation. Nevertheless an X-Ray machine has lots of advantages that’s why we cannot stop using them.

UV / UVC Disinfection Process

Strong UV rays virtually and rapidly lowers microorganisms. People use UV disinfection system because germs which take place in atmosphere, water and on surfaces are annoying. With UV Disinfection Systems, disinfection is provided by using UV-C rays without adding any chemicals to the water. UV disinfection is achieved by using UV-C rays with a wavelength of 254 nm. When these rays combine with microorganisms, they damage their DNA through "photooxidation". All cell activities of the living thing, including reproduction, stop and cell death occurs.

X-Ray Scanner

Nowadays, many technological devices have become standard. This situation has become such that we are not aware of exactly how and when technological devices come into our lives. Also, the same is for X-ray scanners.

Security Metal Detector

Metal detectors are essential infrastructure for banks, buildings, archives and airports that need high security. They arguably offer the most rudimentary form of airport screening - detecting weapons often concealed by people attempting to bypass security in areas such as airports. In theory, this is an invaluable tool in which a potential terrorist could not elude detection.

X Ray Detection

What is an x-ray? A diagnostic medical imaging technique that produces images using the indirect emission of ionizing electromagnetic radiation. Medical x-rays are primarily administrated to discern anatomic detail of a person’s situated organs.

What is an X-Ray Device? What is the Difference Between an X-Ray Bag and Package Scanning Device and a Walk Through Metal Detector?

Today, x-ray devices are used in many areas from airports to shopping malls. These devices allow checking the contents of baggage and packages to prevent possible attacks. The devices can be placed at the entrance of the facility that requires security. X-ray screening systems allow the inside of baggage and packages to be inspected without having to open and physically inspect the baggage or package.

How Do X-Ray Security Screening Systems Work? Can the Radiation from the X-Ray Screening System Cause Harm?

X-ray security screening systems scan the contents of handbags, luggage, large parcels or cargo with low-dose radiation. Lead is a material that prevents the penetration of radiation.