Maintenance and Repair

Detection and troubleshooting of failures in x-ray baggage screening systems are provided quickly and efficiently. Scheduled maintenance and repair services are also provided. Each manufactured device has a useful life span. If a system is not properly maintained, that useful life span is reduced.  A system’s maintenance schedule depends on the number of hours the system operates per day. Typically, a system is serviced once every one, two or at most three months. Maintenance should not be performed less frequently than once every three months.

During maintenance service, the technical service team checks all the electronic data of the device, calibration, penetration, radiation level measurement, voltage and current values, image quality and physical condition. Dust and dirt accumulated on the electronic cards of the device also cause malfunctions. During the maintenance service, the device is subjected to a complete general inspection and cleaning. We aim to prove our motto of fast, reliable on-site maintenance service at every opportunity. Our customers with X-Ray security system maintenance contracts always have priority.