X-Ray Scanner

Nowadays, many technological devices have become standard. This situation has become such that we are not aware of exactly how and when technological devices come into our lives. Also, the same is for X-ray scanners.

Nowadays, it is possible to see an x-ray scanner machines in every part of our lives, from airports to shopping mall entrances. Our products go through x-ray scanning when they come from different countries by planes. These scanner machines have become an integral part of security measures.

X-ray scanners have been in use at airports for less than 20 years. These scanners are began to be used more widely, especially after the 9/11 attacks in New York, USA.

The first x-ray scanner device development work began in the 1970s. The skyjacker movements accelerated the development of X-ray scanner machines. In the 1990s, Doctor Steven Smith designed the first body X-Ray scanning device. This system is known as the Secure 1000, emerged as a low-dose backscatter x-ray scanning system. After the 9/11 attacks, security measures increased even more and advanced x-ray scanners took their place in almost all airports. While the importance of X-ray scanners have great importance, it is significant that they are regularly and carefully maintained.

X-ray scanners are a technological devices that must be used especially in closed areas and in all areas that require security plans. In order to get effective and faultless results from X-ray scanners, the regular and complete maintenance of them reduces the risk of making mistakes, resulting in a more effective job. The buyer of X-Ray scanner machine should check some points of the machine. The keyboard, emergency stop key and all other buttons on the X-ray scanners should be tested. It is compulsory to carefully check that they are working correctly and that all their functions are operating without errors. After the tape section, X-ray scanner should be checked if there is any object left in the tunnel section where the objects are shown. The scanner must be checked whether there is a tear, breakage or similar problem in the curtains that allow the materials to enter and exit the X-ray scanner. The most important detail is that an X-Ray machine should be purchased from a reliable company.

The maintenance of X-ray scanners should only be carried out by experts who are specialized in this field and who know all the hardware and software features of X-Ray scanner. Even a person who only uses the scanner and knows all its features should not do the maintenance. Carrying out maintenance to an X-ray scanner by experts will provide durable performance and minimize the damage that may occur while it is operating. In addition to this, it will be better to choose the same authorized institution for each maintenance. The maintenance and inspection time of an X-ray scanner depends on the condition of device. If the scanner does not have any errors and is fully functioning, the maintenance time will be shortened. For this reason, before the maintenance you need to get information about duration.