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XRC 100-100HCDV

  • Dual view
  • High conveyor unit
  • Latest generation technology and practical use
  • Weapons, knives, explosives, etc. hazardous alarm
  • Automatic archiving
  • Detailed viewing
  • Organic-inorganic separation (Dual Energy)
  • Upgradable software based on Linux 
  • Multilanguage support
TSA Approved X-Ray Center
  • Tunnel Size      :1000 mm (W) x 1000 mm (H)
        :39,37 in (W) x 39,37 in (H)
    Length   :3905 mm (153,74 in)
    Height   :1925 mm (75,79 in)
    Width   :1830 mm (72,05 in)
    Approx. Weight Unpacked   :1420 kg (3131 lbs)

    XRC 100-100HCDV x-ray baggage scanner has high coonveyor unit and dual view system together. The machine itself facilitates the operators use thanks to the various image processing functions, hazard alarm, advanced computer technology and the best in class software. It provides exceptional ease in detecting threats such as cutting tools, explosives narcotics and minimizes the error rate. 
    Thanks to its multi-diode structure and quality in imaging of scanned objects, image is colored based on density and shows organic, inorganic and mixed materials in different tones. With the help of 2 generator sources, it provides high resolution and detailed imaging in horizontal and vertical angles. The images can be accessed with a single scan without the need to re-place the packages in a different orientation. Thus, hidden objects in the luggage are detected more easily and quickly It is designed with the latest technology to scan medium and large bags and packages.
    Post offices high traffic checkpoints as city transportation (metro, ferry, train stations), customs border crossings, prisons, and courier depots, like international logistics companies, goods acceptance points and etc. are its main areas of application.

    Click here for the DV (Dual View) model of this x-ray device.

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    XRC 100-100HCDV