X-Ray Machine

Physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (1845-1923) the person who discovered X-rays detection system, was a Professor at Wuerzburg University in Germany. He made a major scientific improvement for all medicine, security methods etc. because his invention able to making the invisible visible. The discovery of X-Rays happened accidently in Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen's lab in Wurzburg Germany.  He did not know the source of the rays that caused this glow, that was the reason why he called them as X-Rays. And also he did not know the system of x-ray detection.

X-Ray Detection System

Thanks to X-ray detection system it is possible to measure the flux or any other features of X-rays. Some of these X-ray detection devices are scanning detectors such as medical X-ray film (photographic film) or the scanner machines that are used at airports. Most of X-ray detection devices provide passengers safe travel. X-ray detection devices are there for people's safety because the aim of detection devices are detecting the dangerous items which are not to be take place at some areas. X-Ray detection machines are generally preferred in public places where security is of high importance such as Airports, Community Buildings, Conference Halls, Stadiums, Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping Centers, Prisons, Military units, State Administration and so on. It would be a waste of time to scan each person entering the area one by one. However, thanks to the X-ray detection system, it provides the most detailed scan in a short time and a high level of security can be provided.

X-ray detection system instantly became a considerable diagnostic thing in medicine, allowing doctors to see threats inside the human body without surgery thanks to X-ray detection devices, that's why Röntgen's discovery was marked a medical miracle. The aim of X-Rays detection system is finding broken bones or any threat inside the body of humans. The first X-ray photographs of Wilhelm Rontgen, was the inside of metal objects and the bones on the left hand of his wife.

At first it was believed that X-rays passed through the body as unharmfully as a light. Dally’s death lead to some scientists to begin taking the risks of X-ray detection system more seriously, but the risks still were incomprehensible. However, nowadays we know that the radiation that X-Ray detection machines spread is lower than our cell phones or computers.
Wilhelm Röntgen was humble person who never tried to patent his invention even though he obtained innumerable honours for his work, including the first Nobel Prize in physics in 1901.  At the present time, X-ray detection system is commonly used in material analysis, medicine and tools such as airport security detection scanners. The X-ray (rontgen) is thrown from a steady source into photodiodes If there is an stuff between the photodiodes and thrown X-ray, the rays pass through the stuff and achieve the opposite surface. The shape or any kind of features of a material are mirrored on the screen as vision. According to the types of materials, qualified X-Ray detection  devices are able to show items coloured.