UV / UVC Disinfection Process

Strong UV rays virtually and rapidly lowers microorganisms. People use UV disinfection system because germs which take place in atmosphere, water and on surfaces are annoying. With UV Disinfection Systems, disinfection is provided by using UV-C rays without adding any chemicals to the water. UV disinfection is achieved by using UV-C rays with a wavelength of 254 nm. When these rays combine with microorganisms, they damage their DNA through "photooxidation". All cell activities of the living thing, including reproduction, stop and cell death occurs.

UV disinfection system unfailingly destroys germs and provides us high level hygiene. UV disinfection can be applied on both air and any kind of surface.

Thanks to radiation which is produced by UV disinfection system, those germs or harmful bacterias are deactivated. If you have sufficient level of radiation, UV disinfection is a reliable for environment and disinfection process can be completed successfully. Furthermore, the microorganisms would not be able to provide resistance against to the UV disinfection’s radiation power.

UVC Disinfection

UV-C disinfection system immediately and permanently inactivates any types of viruses. However, other germs such as bacterias especially resistant bacterias are also inactivated when irradiated accurately by UVC disinfection system.

UV disinfection wherever you need to greatly reduce the risk of infection with UV-C light provides you with a highly permanent benefit. UV-C disinfection system has different qualities from other types of disinfection methods which are used in several situations with anything. It may be disinfecting method which is made by heat or any type of chemicals. UV-C disinfection system is a known disinfectant that can help reduce the risk of infection for air, surfaces, objects and water and has been in widespread use for over 40 years. The benefits of UVC disinfection systems are they not require extra cleaning like rubbing or washing the surface. The most important benefit is the UV / UVC disinfection systems don’t produce a UV / UVC disinfection resistant bacteries. That’s was the reason of cleaning system is more comfortable for public places like schools, law enforcement agencies or places like them. So where UVC Disinfection lights come from? There are two main types of lights available on the market that provide enough UV-C disinfection to be germicidal. Agencies use UV / UVC disinfection system especially to ensure hygiene. This could be the cleaning of the doorknobs. Disinfecting public spaces with UV / UVC disinfection systems have important role in ensuring hygiene. And there are two types of UV-C disinfection system lamps. First one is the lamps which have low-level pressure. This type of lamps produce germicidal ultraviolet wavelengths. Inside of the lamp there is an arc of mercury where it is produced. The second type of UV-C disinfection system lamp is pulsed xenon lamps. They produce germicidal ultraviolet lights in every six seconds. To have more information about UV / UVC disinfection systems you may call companies which give UV / UVC disinfection service. Since we are a successful company in this regard, we would be very grateful to help you determine to determine which disinfection system you should choose in order to meet your needs.