Technical Service

X-Ray Center's experienced and trained technical staff provide technical service for XRC’s x-ray systems both during and after the warranty period. Customer satisfaction is the greatest concern of our highly skilled and trained technicians who use state-of-the-art equipment to maintain XRC systems. The useful life of XRC systems is extended through careful analysis of customer feedback and by addressing any problems that arise in a solution-oriented manner. Service is provided by keeping the response time to service requests to a minimum.

Thanks to the original spare parts carried by the technical staff during the service, the parts that need to be replaced are changed as soon as they are approved by the customer, so as not to cause any loss of time or work, and to give priority to customer satisfaction.
The technical team, who are periodically subjected to training and examination by training engineers, identifies the problems that may occur in the devices as quickly as possible, thus minimizing disruption to the operation of our customers. In addition, our technicians frequently attend courses offered by the Turkish Atomic Energy Agency in order to stay up to date on the latest industry and technology developments.
In addition to on-site service, remote technical support is also available via phone or online support. The technical service team gathers information about a malfunction or problem, ships spare parts by freight and assists the customer remotely to replace the part or fix the problem if possible.