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  • X-ray baggage screening device + Trailer together 
  • Latest generation technology and practical use
  • Organic and inorganic alarm
  • Upgradable software based on Linux 
  • It is a portable, adaptable and most importantly easily movable security system and is one of the XRC Mobile devices that are often preferred at borders, customs or outdoor activities. It is very quick to set up and can be used immediately. It can be produced in any desired size. With its strong design, it is easy to adapt into the x-ray safety operation device and technical capabilities of the vehicle. 

    XRC 125-125 x-ray baggage scanner facilitates the operators use thanks to the various image processing functions, hazard alarm, advanced computer technology and the best in class software. It makes it extraordinarily easy to detect threats such as cutting tools, explosive narcotics and reduces the rate of error and it is an efficient and a powerful x-ray scanning device that allows inspection in customs, airports, high level event.