X-Ray Center Announces Rebranding, Affirms Commitment to Quality and Service

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X-Ray Center (“XRC”), a leading -x-ray security equipment and technology company, announced today a rebrand to its visual identity that reflects a deep dedication to its mission of protecting the world from danger and modern threats. In conjunction with the unveiling of the new brand, XRC has launched an updated corporate website http://www.x-raycenter.com. The rebrand reinforces XRC’s reputation as an reliable and nimble partner that provides its customers with x-ray security scanning systems known for their high quality and affordability, backed by a team of dedicated technicians delivering unparalleled client service.

“Our commitment to quality and service hasn’t changed, but our new branding reflects our focus on innovation and developing new affordable technologies to address all of the new challenges we face in protecting people from modern threats while causing minimal negative impact on our planet,” said Kami Havluciyan, CEO of XRC. “The rebrand is not just cosmetic—the last year was a very challenging one, not just for our company and our industry, but for the whole world in general, and it really forced us to rethink how we want to do business. We took it as an opportunity to evolve in order to better serve our customers, all of the people who are protected by our products, and the planet as a whole” explained Havluciyan.

The new XRC logo has a look and feel that embodies not just X-Ray Center’s past reputation as a source of quality, reliable equipment, but now also on its focus on the modern world and on the future. The new typeface and colors reflect XRC’s core values - quality, reliability, innovation and sustainability.
“For over 20 years, X-Ray Center has been supplying quality x-ray security scanning equipment to customers all around the world, in over forty countries to be more precise. As we have now entered the phase of innovation, the time was right to modernize and our brand,” said Roberto Guinart, Director of Business Development, who led the branding evolution. “One thing that is constant is change. Our new brand identity is not only current and modern but continues to reflect the core values of our company,” added Guinart.


XRC manufactures, sells, rents, and services a large family of x-ray security scanning systems that have been deployed in over 40 countries around the world, from Chile, to Japan, to Sri Lanka and of course, Turkey, our home country. Our systems are known for their high quality, durability, functionality and ease of use. Many of our systems are certified by TSA and ECAC. By making significant investments in innovation in recent years we have developed systems that provide our customers with the latest capabilities in detection at affordable prices. We also have a large service department with a reputation for rapid deployment, accessibility, and excellent service. To learn more and explore the new website visit http://www.x-raycenter.com.

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